Laptops were built for the business world, but don't always find their way into a boardroom. If that's the case with your laptop, then perhaps you need to jazz things up with Schtickers stickers (try and say that when you've had a few).

The idea is a sticker that you stick to the top of your laptop and get away from the mundane greys and blacks. Currently there are seven designs that include Asterisks to turntables available with the promise of at least five to 10 new designs a month in the pipeline.

Called LapSchticks, the aim is to create a unique personalized look for your laptop at a faction of the price. The stickers are supposedly easily applied to the top of any laptop and can come off as easily as they go on.

All the designs are available to fit most 14in, 15in and 17in laptops including Apple Powerbooks and you can trim the stickers for smaller models.

The company even makes the stickers for iPods. The LapSchticks cost $19.99 and the company will ship worldwide.

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[Thanks Janet]