Londoners could soon be connecting to a 24Mbps broadband service that will pave the way forward for movie downloading and other services on the internet all at the touch of a button.

Launched by Be Unlimited, a new internet service provider, the company has promised to deliver ADSL2+ Internet services when it launches in three months time.

The current king of super fast broadband services is UK Online who offers Londoners 8Mbps three times slower than the new proposed download speeds from Be.

Pricing has yet to be set for the new service, and as it will be the first in this category there is nothing to bench mark it against, however a spokesman for the ISP said that it would be competitive with other super-fast offerings.

Be's founder, Boris Ivanovich isn't a newcomer to the fast speed broadband business; in 2001 he launched Bostream in Sweden offering 26Mbps connection speeds. In just three years' the customer base grew from 2000 to 100,000.

The ISP is one of the first operators in the UK to use French telco Alcatel's routing equipment and technology.