Kedebe-F is a name to get used to in future, and if you receive any emails detailing a plot to kill the Pope or Michael Jackson's death or any other types of news you never requested, then it's a worm.

As reported by antivirus company Sophos, one message reads "Someone sent me this document which is stolen from a secret government body and deals about John Paul's death. It says he was killed by two 'doctors' who were hired by some government bodies. The text attached contains all the story behind his death and who these doctors are."

The virus writer appears to have a sense of humour by making fun of one of his past contemporaries who was responsible for the MyDoom virus in 2003. "Hey, this is to tell you that the author of the Internet Worm 'MyDoom' has been arrested by Microsoft today. He is an OLD MAN, about 50s." Never mind that he was German, and in his 20s and was arrested last year.

So, avoiding the crap you've been sent, carrying attachments you don't recognize is never going to become an outdated way of avoiding these kinds of virus. If you've updated your antivirus program then aside from keeping your eyes open, you should be protected.

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