The makers of the Opera Browser can claim the first spoils on safety. We reported the doomsday scenario of every browser including new Netscape being vulnerable, as advised by Danish internet security watchers Secunia. Users who clicked on and then entered details into the wrong dialog box could have found they were actually revealing their details to a hacker instead of logging into a site they thought was trusted.

Opera, however, says that its newest version launched last week, fixed the problem owing to the fact that you will be shown the true URL in either the dialog box or the usual address bar. However, visiting Secunia's website and carrying out the online test still lets the supposedly malicious site have your details.

While we're sure Mozilla will skip one to v1.0.6 in vapourware to fix it in the next release, we hope that Microsoft take less than six months. Meanwhile the plain fact is, not clicking on crap and cleaning out your browser's cache remains the best tool in online security - one step away from storing zero cookies and remembering every single site password you need.

So, grab the would-be safest browswer (for the moment anyway)here.