Devolo MicroLink, the system that allows you to connect and network multiple PC through your existing electrical cabling in your house has announced the launch of the dLAN Audio similar to the Airport Express with iTunes, that allows users to connect their Hi-Fi to their PC.

The MicroLink dLAN Audio adapter can be plugged into any domestic power socket and features cinch, mini-jack and microphone sockets (analogue / digital input / output) for connecting Hi-Fi systems, loudspeakers or microphones. Two adapters enable a simple audio network.

The integrated encoder and decoder allow the stereo playback of MP3/ WMA files with audio data rates of up to 44.1 kHz in CD quality. With devolo plug-ins for Winamp and Windows Media Player, the user's PC can also be used as a network jukebox.

The MicroLink dLAN Audio in June with an RRP of £119.99 inc. VAT.