Someone has finally woken up at Netscape and pressed the magic button as the browser has now been officially launched.

Billed as half internet explorer half firefox, Netscape are promising that:

"The browser is like a hybrid car that combines the usability of Internet Explorer with the security of Firefox," said Andrew Weinstein, a spokesman for America Online/Netscape, a unit of Time Warner Inc.

The new browser will check sites for security by checking to see if the site is on a constantly-updated "black list" of thousands of suspected virus, scam, or spyware sites or a "white list" of more than 150,000 Web sites that have been certified as legitimate by VeriSign and TRUSTe.

If the site appears on either list, the browser automatically adjusts its security settings and rendering engine to help protect the user from unsafe sites while offering full functionality on known and trusted sites.

The new browser also promises a a simple and intuitive interface via tabbed browsing, integrated RSS feeds, enhanced privacy settings, groups of favorite "home tabs", multiple Web mail accounts, form fill and password managers, news and weather updates, and up to 10 customizable toolbars.