RealNetworks, the company behind Real Player is stepping up the ante in the digital music industry once more with the announcement that its current streaming desktop music service - Rhapsody, will be coming to a MP3 player near you sometime soon.

The new service, which is virtually identical to rival company Napster's To Go service will allow customers to have access to over 1,000,000 tracks to download to a supported digital music player of their choice.

Real's new service will cost $14.95 per month, which includes a subscription to the Rhapsody service. Rhapsody subscribers currently pay $9.95 a month to listen to over 900,000 songs streamed to desktop computers.

Not all MP3 players will be supported on the new system however and unfortunately it will be only available to customers in America to begin with.

In other Real Network news, the company has also announced that it has restored iPod compatibility to its FairPlay-like Harmony DRM system. This means that non-iTunes Music Store Vendors will be able to sell music to iPod owners as an alternative to iTunes.

As to how Apple will respond, we will keep you posted.