Tonight saw the launch of the all new singles chart in the UK launched by the official Chart Company and aired on the BBC.

It was the first time in the charts history that download sales from internet websites including Napster and iTunes has been included in the charts. The results of the increased sales - download and singles sales amounted to almost 800,000 sales last week up from 395,000 the week before - has already taken its affect.

While Tony Christie still enjoyed the top spot for the fifth week running, with the Comic Relief track - Is this the Way to Amarillo? Razorlight, who had heavily suggested to its fans visiting its website to download the track, shot in at number two in the chart.

In addition, benefiting from the new sales was Basement Jaxx, favoured with older listeners rather than the typical teenagers that up until now have dominated chart opinion.

The biggest benefactors of the new chart seem to have been the Gorillaz. The make believe band fronted by Blur's Damon Alban jumped from number 197 in the chart last week to number 22.

Independent record labels and clubbing label Ministry of Sound have complained that the new chart isn't fair, however the Official Chart Company have said that the changes will make the Top 40 more accurate and relevant to the general public.