Tech Air, a luggage company is promising to help you recover your laptop if you leave it in the back of a taxi or on a train.

The system called i-Trak is a world-wide tracking system with instant SMS notification.

Tech air's latest 2005 series of products, Series 1 to 5 will all include the i-TRAK system, providing a unique identification code for your bag and laptop enabling anyone who finds the luggage to immediately, and anonymously, inform you of its location, significantly increasing the chance of finding its way back to its rightful owner.

Each user will be given a personal i-TRAK customer account linked to two Unique Identification Codes (UIC), one sewn into the bag and the other visible on the laptop, allowing the finder of the bag to register their discovery via an automated message service, Telex, E-mail or Web resulting in a free SMS alert to the owner's mobile phone, letting them know the location of the bag. The user can then decide how best to reclaim their lost property.

All bags sold after end of May 2005 will automatically received the following i-TRAK subscriptions and depending on what bag you opt for will depend on the coverage you get. Series 1 owners will get 3-month, Series 3 will get 6 months and Series 5 owners will get 12 months service free of charge. Once the trial period is over customers can then easily renew their subscription via i-TRAK at a cost of £2.99 per year and per item.