Pew Internet and American Life Project at it again, this time with a new survey that suggests 53 per cent of Americans questions don't trust there email mainly due to the amount of spam they receive.

28% of users with a personal email account say they are getting more spam than a year ago, while 22% say they are getting less.

However according to the report which has been carried out every year for the last three, people are getting more used to spam emails.

In 2003 the results suggested that 62 per cent of those questioned felt less trustful of emails - a decrease of 9 per cent.

The survey also said that 22 per cent of e-mail users were shying away from their inboxes because of spam, down five percent from last year.

Among other things, the survey found that people were getting less porn spam, a uniquely troubling form of spam for most users and particularly for women. While 63% of email users now say they have received porn spam, the number is down 8 percentage points from a year ago, 29% of those email users say they are now getting less porn spam, compared to 16% who said they are getting more.