UK Online is hoping to bring broadband to the masses by offering a 512K broadband connection to UK customers for £10 a month.

The company is also reducing its prices for its other broadband services. You will be able to sign up to its 2Mb line for £19.99 and its 8Mb service for just £29.99

What's the catch? There doesn't seem to be one. Both the Broadband 500 and Broadband 2000 are unlimited services. The Broadband 8000 does have a 500GB monthly download allowance however according to a spokeswomen at UK Online none of the customers currently signed up to the package have come anywhere close to reaching that barrier yet.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Stening, General Manager of UK Online, said, "LLU enables us to offer more innovative products than our competitors. Our unique 8Mb service has led the way on speed and now we are leading the way on price."

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