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(Pocket-lint) - A UK company started up by a distant relative of the inventor of the toilet, has created a new handheld GPS device that allows you to locate and then get directions to the nearest toilet in the UK.

Called iPoo, the handheld unit, which comes with a large 3.5in LCD display lists the location of some 43,000 or so public toilets in the UK and depending on where you are will give you the fastest walking directions to the nearest one.

If however there is no public toilet within 600 meters the software will automatically direct you to an open restaurant, pub or if after closing hours, darken alley.

“It's never good to get caught out when you're out with friends” one person we spoke to said. “It happened to me on the way home once, very embarrassing.”

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Similar to RoadAngel the speed camera GPS tracking device for cars, iPoo will also allow users to connect to a PC and download updates of new or closed WC's. Users will also be able to post ratings as to the cleanliness of the toilets to the central database so other users of the service know whether it's worth the walk before they get to the wash rooms.

The company do plan to roll the service out across Europe and the US.

The handheld GPS unit will cost £99 and be available next month in the UK.

Writing by Stuart Miles.