UK television channel, Channel 5 will be the first UK broadcaster to offer parts of its shows for sale as legal downloads.

From Monday, viewers of Fifth Gear, its motoring magazine program will be able to download “DVD quality” reviews of selected cars for £1.50 from the Channel 5 website.

The move follows an increase in UK viewers turning to the web to download their favourite television shows illegally.
Producers of the show which is hosted by Tiff Needell said reviews of 12 cars such as the Porsche 911 and Ferrari F430 would be available to buy as downloads from Monday.

Fifth Gear's "shoot-outs", where similar cars are raced, would also be available, they said.

The BBC is currently running trials with what it calls its Interactive Media Player (iMP), the free software allows users to download programmes for free for up to eight days after they are shown on the beeb.