We reported earlier this week that Firefox was becoming a victim of its own success by becoming a higher-profile hacking target, now the downloads passed the 25 million mark.

Happily, the latest weaknesses in the browser - chief among them, the ability to fake domain names due to the registrars not ahering to International Domain Name standard - have been found and plugged by Mozilla, hopefully cutting down on phishing attempts. The catch is that there's only a US English version at the moment alongside the non-English downloads. As Americanized software is commonplace and the UK build a volunteer effort, security has to come first this time and uninstallation before loading v1.0.1 is recommended to avoid any further bugs and hassles.

Once again though, that's no change considering the number of betas in the race to version 1.0 at the end of last year. It's good to see fast (or at least, faster) reaction to bug discoveries from Moz compared to Microsoft- clearly it doesn't want to lose its growing market share and the next rush of downloads of the update should send the crazy download figures even higher.

To see all available browsers and their versions, visit the official site, but in the green box or after clicking "Products", click "Other Systems and Languages" to choose the US English v1.0.1 for Windows, Linux or MacOS. We'll update you when the British version is out- and thanks in advance to the person carrying out the Anglicisation job.