AMD decided to remind the market that its own 64-Bit range is alive and kicking now that the 32-Bit XPs have been retired, in the face of Intel's move to try and catch up earlier this week.

“AMD's leadership with dual-core processor technology follows our success with 64-bit computing - both innovations illustrate our strategic focus to solve customer challenges and deliver technology breakthroughs to fuel the possibilities of tomorrow,” said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager of the Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group, AMD. “Client AMD64 dual-core technology will provide consumers and businesses a customer-centric approach with systems that deliver enhanced performance and a simple, non-disruptive upgrade path from single-core solutions.”

AMD has the benefit of existing fabrication plants, so going dual-core won't necessarily require the construction of a new factory as earlier Athlons did. That's not to say that single core chips are going anywhere, as they remain on the roadmap. As usual the hardcore gamers, upgraders and designers are expected to pile in - if they haven't treated themselves to the fastest single-core chip and will join the dual-core party in a year or so. The difference is, AMD no longer needs to fight for businesses to pay attention to its high-end wares, in addition to the hobbyist and overclocking market. In this fashion, its future looks healthy as long as the batch prices are right for the models heading to the server market later this year.

Quote Source: Press release