Users of the Napster-to-Go service have found a way to bypass the copy protection system opening up the chance to copy thousands of songs for free.

Just days after a high profile launch the service which costs users £15 can be bypassed by using specific programs.

Sites across the internet including Engadget and Gizmodo are posting ways to break the code. suggested a secondary program like Winamp along with the Output Stacker and then convert the protected WMA files into WAV files and the back on to a CD.

“We're not going to advise you to do anything untoward, but apparently if you install Winamp along with the Output Stacker plug-in you can convert those protected WMA files to WAV files and then burn them to CD without paying a penny”

However a spokeswoman for Napster said that such endeavors were nothing new and the company was not too concerned.

"The DRM (digital rights management) is intact. Basically, people are just recording off a sound card. This is nothing new and people could do this with any legitimate service if they want to use a sound card," the spokeswomen was quoted on Reuters.

"This kind of attack has been around for a long time and it's just because of our higher profile that it has sparked such interest," she said.

The Napster-to-Go service has already been criticised for being twice the price in the UK than the US with subscriptions here cost £15 compared to $15 a month in America.