Bulldog ADSL has introduced a pay-as-you-go 4 megabits per second broadband service. The broadband operator is launching two new services, Start@ctive and Call@ctive that have a flat monthly fee with a set amount of free minutes.

Start@ctive will offer up to 4 Mb pay-as-you-go internet access, 400 minutes per month free, no download limits and cost £15.50 a month with each additional minute over the initial 400 costing 2.5p

Call@ctive service will offer the same 4 Mb access, no inclusive minutes but add unlimited phone calls to UK national and local numbers. The cost for the service will be £21.50 per month with time spent online costing an additional 2.5p.
“Up until now, customers who wanted to experience the excitement of a 4 meg broadband service had to pay a substantial premium over the cost of standard broadband.” said Richard Greco, CEO of Bulldog.

As a special introductory offer for customers signing up in February, Bulldog is offering both services with unlimited time online for 6 months, a £1 connection charge and the first month free.