Napster has today launched its Napster To Go service allowing users to fill and refill their MP3 players with tracks from the Napster catalogue for £14.95 a month.

The service will allow you access to Napsters catalogue as long as you are paying your £14.95 a month. Each song is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) software that will automatically render the downloads useless if you stop paying your subscription.

The service is currently supported on five MP3 players: Creative Zen Micro MP3 player; iriver H10 MP3 player; iriver Portable Media Centre; Creative Zen Portable Media Centre; and Samsung YH999 Portable Media Centre with promise of a further 18 more players within the next three months.

“Napster To Go will change the music industry forever,” said Chris Gorog, Napster chairman and CEO. “Our dream has been to offer music fans the key to the world's music library for a low monthly cost, and by extending online access to those on the move we have put in place the final piece of the jigsaw in delivering the most innovative, versatile and best value music service on the planet. The biggest brand in digital music has once again underlined its pedigree as an industry pioneer and we are extremely proud that Napster is first to market with this revolutionary new way to enjoy music.”

Alongside portable subscription Napster has updated its software application to Napster 3.0