Navman has launched a range of sports based GPS units in the UK today. Called the Sport Tool, the different models will allow the user to track speed, distance, and time when they are training.

Their will be five model in the range starting from £79 designed to appeal to different sports areas; walking, running, skating, skiing and windsurfing and each unit aims to offer specific elements to the sports its associated with.

All display time, speed, average speed accurate to within +/- 0.3km/h, and distance covered accurate to within +/- 2 percent.

The R300 (£99) is aimed at runners and offers lap recording, pace target zone with alarm, and automatic timer. The W300 (£89) is aimed at the walker with a calorie estimator, time and automatic timer. The S300 (£79) is for skaters, it offers maximum speed, target speed zone with alarm, and automatic timer. The A300 (£119) is for snowboarders and skiers. It measures skied distance, maximum speed, attitude and accumulated attitude. Finally the M300 (£119) is for sailing, boating and waterskiing. It features a lap distance counter, speed measurements, maximum speed is water resistant and probably more importantly floats.

The units will be available from mid February.