Napster, the music download service is considering offering a film download service alongside its music offering to give it a competitive edge over its rivals.

Chris Gorgo, the chairman and chief executive said that the same service model could easily apply to films and television programmes now that broadband connection speeds are getting faster.

The Financial Times quotes Mr Gorog as saying: "We are currently considering moving into video, particularly to tap the younger video game generation…I do think that while there are huge players in the delivery of movies like Sky, there could be a role for Napster."

Chris Gorog was at the Midem music industry conference in Cannes.

Napster won't be the first company however to enter the legal movie download market. US companies MovieLink and CinemaNow are already offering a service to a growing customer base in America.

Like the music industry five years ago the film industry is struggling to keep piracy at bay with technologies such as bit torrent allowing movies to be downloaded quickly to users with a broadband connection.