Users of wi-fi hotspots around the world are being warned of a new trick by cyber criminals that would give them access to your data without you even knowing it.

The treat comes from ‘Evil Twins', wi-fi hotspots that are set up by nearby legitimate wi-fi hotspots and pose as authorised stations.

The warning comes from experts at Cranfield University who say that once logged onto an Evil Twin, sensitive data can be intercepted.

"Users need to be wary of not using their wi-fi enabled laptops or other portable devices in order to conduct financial transactions or anything that is of a sensitive or personal nature," said Professor Brian Collins, head of information systems at Cranfield University.

There are currently over 10,00 wi-fi hotspots in the UK alone and criminals wouldn't have to be tech savvy to set one up and lure users on to the network.

Dr Nobles is due to speak about wireless cybercrime at the Science Museum's Dana Centre in London on Thursday. Tickets are free, but have to pre-book by calling +44 207 942 4040