An American website called Streamload has started offering users 10Gb of online storage space for free. The storage company, which normally provides online storage for a price is hoping the offer will attract new customers willing to upgrade to the other services it provides.

There is however strings attached with the service. Users will be restricted to uploading 100mb at a time and downloading only 100Mb per month and 1.2Gb per year. However for additional fees users will be able to loosen these restrictions.

The increase in digital photography and digital music has made the need for larger storage capacity all the greater. Streamload has obviously seen the demand shift from hardcore high end users to a more lucrative consumer market and has started to offer the service in an attempt to tempt more people to use its service.

Streamload's service does allow its customers to share files stored on the system unlike other online storage services like Yahoo Photos that allows subscribers to provide access to photographs to friends.