Trust is hoping to increase multimedia use of your Laptop with the launch of a remote control that will fit into any laptops PC card slot.

The slim line device called the Trust Multimedia Remote Control NB-5100P, offers control for up to eight different multimedia programs for listening to music or viewing photographs and DVDs.

The remote control has 13 buttons and the function of each button depends on the active program. Seven of the buttons have been pre-defined for the most commonly used programs, such as Windows Media Player, WinDVD, WinAMP, PowerDVD, PowerPoint, QuickTime and PowerCinema, whilst the other button can be defined by the user using the software provided. The software can also be used to configure the OSD (On Screen Display) functions.

The infrared receiver can be easily connected to a free USB port on a computer. The USB extension cable allows the receiver to be placed in the most ideal position and also allows the most accessible USB ports to remain available for other USB devices. When the remote control is not in use, it can be safely stored in the PC card slot of the notebook. The remote has an InfraRed range of 7 metres.

The remote will cost £19.99 and is available now.