Napster has reduced the price of its music catalogue to match Apple's pricing structure in the UK. The Music download service announced that it will be reducing the price of its 1million tracks by 20 per cent to 79p.

Additionally the company will also be reducing the price of its albums to £7.95.

However initially the reduced price will only be for Napster subscribers or purchased with Napster Pre-Paid Cards and Online Music Vouchers across the Dixons Group chain, TM Retail and Post Office stores. The 79p price point will be extended to non-subscribers in the coming days.

Further immediate price reductions will also apply on bulk purchases with Napster Track Packs - now priced at £33.99 for 50 (68 pence per track), £17.99 for 25 (72 pence per track), and £10.99 for 15 (73 pence per track).