Stelios has set his sights on the music download industry with the launch of easyMusic



The site which will be powered by Wippit will feature singles and back catalogue tracks from wippit's extensive catalogue of over 200 record labels. Where the service differs however, is the introduction of a service due to be launched called copyleft.

According to the website - easyMusic will “offer online music downloads on a copyleft basis (the opposite of copyright).

Musicians will be free to promote their music to an expanded audience without the constraints of a recording contract and members of the public will be free to download and share these music files on the condition that they do not try to make money out of the music themselves.”

In addition the to copyleft angle, Stelios is hoping to entice users to the site with the promise of 25p tracks.

"Once again the easyGroup has reduced prices to consumers," said Stelios Haji-Ioannou, easyGroup chairman. "With prices starting at 25p a track easyMusic is bringing lower prices and better value to all music lovers."

The company said the service will not insist on tethered downloads, where tracks which have already been downloaded become unplayable if the consumers' subscription expires.