eBay has announced that it will be dropping Microsoft's MSN Passport system from its website next month.

In future eBay users will have to sign in to the site directly “Oce this takes place, the Microsoft Passport button that is currently displayed on Sign In pages will be replaced with links to a page with more information, including Help in case you cannot remember your User ID or password.” Said a statement on the .com site.

The announcement went on to say “As part of this change, we will also discontinue sending eBay Notifications through Microsoft .NET alerts.”
The announcement will come not only as a shock to Microsoft, but also a blow to its attempt to dominate yet another sector of the internet.

eBay one of the first companies to adopt the Passport system in 2001 is not the first in recent months to drop the system. Monster.com, the job search site, also dropped the system in October this year.

Microsoft has responded to the set-back by removing its online directory of websites using its Passport service.

"We have discontinued our Site Directory, but you'll know when you can use your Passport to make sign-in easier. Just look for the .NET Passport Sign In button!”