ATI has broadened its offerings for PC gamers in time for Christmas with the introduction of a new range of graphics cards: the Radeon X800-series.

Top of the range is the RADEON X850 XT Platinum Edition with the RADEON X850 XT and RADEON X850 PRO adding to the offering.

The new RADEON X800-series products will be available in 16 and 12 pixel pipe configurations with a 256-bit memory interface and deliver a fantastic gaming experience through such cutting-edge technologies and capabilities as: 3Dc technology for increased performance and improved image detail; GDDR3 memory for lightning fast memory speeds, VIDEOSHADER HD with programmable video performance; Flexible multi-display options, including dual-DVI for customers using multiple flat panel displays; and VIVO (video-in, video-out) options for customers wanting to take advantage of the amazing multimedia and video-capture capabilities of the VPUs.

The RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition will begin shipping immediately and the full family of RADEON X800-series products will be available by the end of the year from ATI and its customers including: