JupiterResearch has completed a survey across Europe to explore how much impact the internet is having on media such as television and newspapers.

The results reveal that TV faces the biggest threat of all with 27% of European Internet users saying that they are reducing time spent watching TV in favour of the Web compared to only 17% in 2001.

Newspapers also face competition, with 18% of Internet users reducing their time reading newspapers in 2004, compared to only 13% in 2001.

Of those questioned a massive 40% of broadband users said they spend less time watching TV since using the Web.

According to JupiterResearch while broadband penetration will only reach 19% in Western Europe by the end of 2004, this will rise to 37% in 2009, representing a major long-term cannibalisation threat to TV companies.

The survey was carried out across U.K., Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy.