has launched a new search engine to take on traditional search engine companies like Google and Yahoo. The new site, called A9, offers a host of information along side searches that taps into the e-commerce giants wealth of database information like books and movies.

Typing in a search for “Halloween” for example will bring up a number of results in a main window, but also if the user chooses they can expand the search to include in a separate window, books that Amazon sells in another and further searches in further windows.

More interesting is that users who chose to log into the service will also be able to search their own search history.

The service will also come with a toolbar like Google for quick searches as well as offering a page ranking service for websites so you can see how they rate in comparison to other sites on the web.

This is not the first time Amazon has entered the search engine market however and it seems for now that its site is still up and running.