Yahoo! has just completed a survey of 2,000 internet users and found that when it comes to the internet Men are simply better. Better at finding their way around the web, better at being more focused and better than their female counterparts.

Before Women across the web start asking for proof, the Yahoo! figures show that over 1/2 of men questioned can find what they want online in less than 1 minute compared to 18% of women who spend more than 10 minutes searching before they find what they want

Additionally less than 1/4 of men stray from their original search goal - whereas 84% of women get distracted and lose their way while searching. If that wasn't enough a whopping 2/3 of men have used advanced search techniques compared to nearly 1/2 of the women have never used any kind of search technique at all.

Almost predictably despite the findings, nearly 3/4 of women believe they are either very good or excellent at searching online.