Navman has launched three GPS units today. The iCN510, iCN635 and iCN650. Designed to be transferable from car to car in seconds, all three units come with the Drive Away software application in the box that means you can store the complete U.K. street-level map on a single memory card.

Highlights of iCN510 include an internal rechargeable battery, a 65k 3.5-inch touch screen and 5 way button-pad for easy control.

The iCN635 boasts a slightly larger screen and remote control while the iCN650 comes with a built in 2Gb hard drive to store maps on rather than having to worry about storing the data on external memory cards.

All three models include Points of interest (POI) capabilities that enables the user to customise individual POI's or create their own POI databases, the user can also download other POI databases such as speed cameras.

Navman has pre-installed over ten thousand POI including petrol stations, shops, cinemas, camping sites, hotels, and historical sites. For example, if a user is low on petrol and driving through an unknown area, the iCN510 can display the nearest petrol station and distance to arrival.

Likewise the unit also offers a journey planner with up to 12 stops that can be programmed to be included in the route as well as 3D map representation and support for Europe.

Priced at £500 the iCN510 will be hitting the high street next month alongside the slightly more expensive iCN635 at £700. Coming in November the iCN650 will cost £800.