Telewest is planning on helping students off to university this month with the launch of a student package that combine an unlimited phone service with its Blueyonder broadband connection.

Student households will have the option of taking either Talk Evenings and Weekends, which offers unlimited UK local and national calls in the evenings and at weekends for £16.50 a month, or Talk Unlimited, which offers unlimited UK calls 24/7 for £25.50 a month. Customers can then add their choice of blueyonder broadband internet service, starting from £25 a month.

Telewest are keen to point out that sharing the connection between four housemates equates to the same amount of money as five pints of beer each.

The package does come with restrictions however - mainly that you have to be a student to take advantage of it.

A nice touch and one that shows Telewest has actually thought about this offering rather than merely try and jump on the student bandwagon is that rather than a standard 12 month contract the contract as been shortened to nine months to take into account that students are normally only in the house from September to May.