New chart, same old rubbish, might be your parents' way of seeing it, but this is the day that the Music business finally got its rear in gear and gave the public the service it should have done five years ago.

In this digital chart, the Napster number one song by Maroon 5 was pushed down to number three by a re-release from Westlife, appropriately five years old to mark Napster's own big explosion onto the then-illegal music downloading scene. It's now fresh-faced and legit courtesy of Roxio, given kudos by Virgin Radio rather than Radio 1, and legal downloads since the start of the year have passed two million.

Whatever we may think of boybands snatching the top two places, it gives disillusioned singles buyers proper and accurate representation of what people are hearing and there's a better mix of pop, dance, R & B and guitar rock which you only see either in summer or Xmas normally. It'll also be a lot harder to “fake” a number one with a 10,000-unit sales rush as you can in the CD singles chart. These can only be good developments.

The rest of the Official chart is below:

1 Flying Without Wings - Westlife
2 Blazin' Day - Blazin' Squad
3 She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
4 Lola's Theme - Shapeshifters
5 American Idiot - Green Day
6 This Love - Maroon 5
7 Dry Your Eyes - The Streets
8 Bedshaped - Keane
9 Laura - Scissor Sisters
10 Apocalypse Please - Muse