Wanadoo is the latest company to up the ante on the broadband from. The company that was formerly Freeserve has reduced the price of its 1Mbps line to just £17.99, a price, which it believes is the cheapest deal yet from a major service provider.

But before you all rush out and sign up to the new service there are limitations - mainly that there will be a cap of 2Gb a month after which the service will be limited to email only.

If this all sounds a bit on the stingy side users can opt to upgrade the account to two other 1Mbps: £22.99 per month with a 6Gb cap, or £27.99 a month with a 30Gb cap.

The Wanadoo offer will be available from Wednesday 25 August and has been timed to coincide with BT expanding the reach of the 1Mbps line across the UK