New and improved features will bring high-quality TV and video to both
desktop and portable PCs

TerraTec has announced the release of a USB external TV Card that hopes to provide notebook and desktop computer users with a TV reception either at home or on the go. TerraTec is stating that the Cinergy 250 USB will boast an improved chip set that offers full DVD resolution.

The Cinergy 250 USB gets the TV signal directly from an antenna or broadband cable, whilst video signals from devices such as VHS recorders, DVD players, or video cameras are easily patched in via the Composite or SVHS port.

The mobile TV solution is no bigger than a cigarette pack, and weighs just 65 grams, connects directly to USB 2.0 interfaces and supports virtually all standard video codecs including DivX. A remote control is also included in the package, as well as headphones.

The Cinergy 250 USB is available now for £79.99 RRP