Wanadoo, formerly Freeserve, has announced the launch of a wiresless ADSL router which it is branding as the Livebox. Wanadoo is hoping that the Livebox will become the foundation for greater things in the future for it and its broadband services.

In reality the box isn't any different from the host of other Wireless ADSL routers on the market, offering only two ethernet ports and a USB connection to connect to a PC.

The box offers support for the 802.11g protocol and while Bluetooth is built-in to the box it is not currently enabled.

The unit will cost £80 and users must subscribe to Wanadoo's Broadband service to be able to use the product. Currently Wanadoo's 512Kbps is £18 a month.
While the box will offer wireless connectivity, Wanadoo has its eyes set on other services like television on demand and VoIP.

It seems Wanadoo is hoping to emulate its success in France with the same range of services here in the UK.