The first legal downloads chart will be launched in September this year by the Offical Charts Company.

The Chart will be drawn from a number of download sites in the UK including, Apple's iTunes and Napster. However it is understood will be largely fed by OD2 powered services, which (due to the licenses granted to them by the majors) means that the choice of tracks available for purchase will be very different from that available in the high street.

A sample chart released by the company showed 15 of the top 20 downloads were either current or previous top 40 singles, while three were forthcoming singles and two were exclusive downloads not available in any other format -- including the number one ranked "Bam Thwok" from the Pixies.

An OCC statement comments: "The rapid growth of legal download music sites has shown the music industry that downloading is the future."

The news follows the launch of several legal download sites in the UK like Napster and iTunes Europe.