Seagate has unveiled a new range of internal and external hard drives with 400Gb capacities, a new small footprint portable external hard drive with up to 100Gb capacity and the world's first pocket external hard drive.

The Barracuda 7200.8, is the large 400Gb offering and features a cache of up to 16Mb and a 7,200rpm spin speed.

The Seagate USB2 Pocket Hard Drive on the other hand is a 2.5Gb or 5Gb unit small enough to fit in your pocket. Designed to fit in a round shell (square it seems is no longer hip) the hard drive is robust and features a high shock tolerance for knocks and bumps.

In the middle is Seagate's Portable External hard drive which will offer up to 100Gb of portable storage. The drive is powered by USB and promises to be the smallest desktop external hard drive offered by any of the leading hard disc drive providers.

Seagate has yet to set a launch date or price for the new drives.