TerraTec Electronic today announced the launch of the 8-channel Aureon 7.1 Universe sound card, a sound system capable of offering 8 channels and the latest 24-bit/192-kHz converter technology for recording and playback of DVD's and games. The new card also featured a 5" front module and remote control.

The included 5" front module features stereo inputs and outputs for analogue and digital equipment (optical and coaxial), as well as connections for headphones and microphones.

It is also possible to connect tape decks or turntables directly. Its phono preamp (with hardware RIAA equalisation) and included audio restoration software lets you transfer old vinyl records to digital media. Plus, the front module also lets you control your computer using an infrared remote.

Intervideo WinDVD 5, Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition 2.0 are included as standard.

The Aureon 7.1 Universe sound card will cost £190 and is available now