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(Pocket-lint) - Blaupunkt has launched the most affordable integrated in-car satellite navigation system onto the market. The TravelPilot E1 combines radio, CD and route guidance in one box, which can be easily installed into the standard radio compartment of most vehicles.

In addition to the 'fast' and 'short' route options offered by earlier models, the TravelPilot E1 also allows the driver to select 'optimum route'. This option takes both distance and time into consideration giving the driver the smartest route to their destination. It is also possible to play audio CDs while navigating because the E1 stores the necessary data once the route has been calculated. It also automatically stores extra data in a corridor around the route so that it can recalculate if a mistake is made, even when the navigation CD is not inserted. There is a voice instruction to reinsert the CD if you leave the stored route area.

Drivers are guided by clear spoken driving recommendations and directional arrows in the display. Destinations can be entered via partial postcodes or streets and it is possible to select house number ranges. The system even tells you whether the house number is situated on the right or left hand side of the road.

The navigation CD supplied with the E1 covers the UK as well as the major roads of Europe allowing for stress-free European travel.

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The TravelPilot E1 is available in anthracite black with various display illumination colours depending on point of purchase. The front panel is removable for effective theft protection. Available at Halfords and independent specialists, the E1 has a retail price of £599.99.

Writing by Stuart Miles.