Roxio today began shipping VideoWave 7 Pro, its latest version of its video editing software. Roxio believe this to be the most significant upgrade to date, adding a host of new components that will supposedly make it the most comprehensive and integrated package available, including a complete media management system, a smart capture utility, a label creation tool and a DVD authoring application using the Easy Media Creator burn engine. DVD Builder meanwhile allows users to create DVDs, VCDs, or SVCDs of their personal content.

VideoWave 7 Pro is available now at £59.99. However the full version is also included in Roxio's Creator 7 package which only costs £10 more.

Features at a glance:

Professional-level Control with Timeline Editing
- Expandable timeline view with zoom feature provides the ability to precisely control the timing of each element in a production
- 14 individual tracks for independently and directly manipulating production elements such as video sequences, native audio, sound effects, background music, text, effects and overlays
- Advanced editors provide sophisticated refinement tools for correcting photos, adjusting levels on audio files, setting the style and path of titles, and adjusting the intensity and timing of special effects
- Video Overlays for employing broadcast news techniques such as compiling picture-in-picture video sequences or ‘blue screen' effects in which a background of one video clip is replaced with another
- Narration capabilities for easily generating a voiceover to accompany a production

Premium Authoring Solution
- Next-generation DVD Builder, a full-featured authoring application for creating professional-looking DVDs, VCDs, or SVCDs with support for motion menus and buttons, chapters and backgrounds. Also includes over a dozen professionally designed theme templates.
- Ready for set top DVD recorders in the living room, DVD Builder can edit on-disc so that you can create compilations of your favourite TV shows with custom designed menus.

Time-Saving Features
- Plug & Burn for creating a high-quality DVD disc from the entire contents of a DV-camcorder in two clicks, complete with Dolby Digital audio.
- SmartScan provides the ability to quickly preview all scenes on DV tape for selecting specific scenes to be transferred to the PC.
- Smart MPEG rendering for saving time and maintaining video quality when editing MPEG-2 video files. Rather than re-encoding the entire video file, which results in a loss of quality, Smart MPEG only re-encodes the edited portions.
- ‘Instant' Label Creator mode for creating disc labels or on-disc printing (on supported printers) using only a couple of clicks.

Delivering a Comprehensive Solution with New Components
- Slide show creation with StoryBoard for creating engaging, one-of-a-kind shows that combine favourite photos and video clips with transitions, narration, background music, and special effects. Also included is Motion Pictures, a feature used to bring still images to life by adding pan, zoom and a motion path to still photos.
- Media Manager provides a single location for organising, viewing, and finding all video clips, photos, audio files and completed productions.
- A unified Capture utility delivers a consistent workflow regardless of the media type being imported or the digital device being used, including CD, DVD-Video, scanner, video and photo cameras.
- Label Creator with an extraordinary range of creative control for designing and printing disc labels and inserts

Support for Leading Edge Technologies
- Dolby Digital audio provides the ability to create DVDs that include superior sounding audio, while saving disc space.
- Support for DivX enables users to import DivX content to their productions or save their productions at a high-compression rate - reducing file size while maintaining exceptional video quality.