Pioneer today launches its latest multiple format DVD writer. The DVR-A07XL provides the fastest multiple format drive available writing to 8x speed on DVD-R/+R and 4X on DVD-RW/+RW media. The new drive incorporates the ‘QuietDrive' technology - a honeycomb design in the outer casing that reduces vibration from the drive mechanism. Together with performance adjusting firmware and a lack of integral fan, ambient noise from the DVR-A07XL is reduced by 75 percent over its previous incarnation.

Based on the results of the overwriting performance of a variety of DVD-RW discs, the drive utilises Distributed Real Time Defect Management (DRT-DM) that conforms to the DVD format without sacrificing write performance. DRT-DM supports recording under optimum conditions at all times by preventing the deterioration of media through repeated recording. Consequently, the DVR-A07XL ensures stable writing even on discs that are frequently rewritten and prevents recording errors caused by variations in disc quality. A Liquid Crystal Tilt Mechanism helps to ensure precise writing onto the surface of discs that have become warped or are of uneven thickness while an Ultra Dynamic Resonance absorber reduces the instability caused by damaged media. An additional feature of Pioneer's Precision Recording Technology is the ‘smart laser driver'. The drive's strategy circuitry has been moved to the laser pick up assembly to prevent any signal distortion between the main board and the drive's laser driver circuitry.

The DVR-A07 is bundled with a high quality software suite providing DVD authoring, writing and playback functionality.