PRESS RELEASE: Pocket PC owners can now receive the ultimate in GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation capabilities with the launch of the Navman Bluetooth™ GPS4410 solution. This next generation, wireless navigation system for handheld Pocket PCs will seamlessly and safely guide the driver through a journey using the latest in navigation and mapping technology, enhanced features include 3D map view, postcode search, contact integration, avoid areas and full route summary.

The GPS4410 brings together Navman's leading wireless hardware and the latest software for the Pocket PC, Smart ST™ V2. Retailing at approximately £299* (€449*) this combination enables the Bluetooth™ embedded Pocket PC's to become a true navigation device. The receiver's operation time of an impressive 30 continuous hours from three AAA batteries gives an unprecedented market sector performance significantly beating its rivals. The GPS performance is no longer cut short half way through a journey from faltering rechargeable batteries. Navman's commitment to navigation and safety issues is emphasised by the fact that the GPS4410 receiver is one of the few on the market to be e-Mark approved. It passes the automotive standard legislation deeming the unit safe to operate inside a vehicle, eliminating any interference with the car's electronics and braking systems.

Prash Vadgama, managing director of Navman-Europe says “The GPS4410's second generation software fully realises the true potential of a Pocket PC as a navigation device. Its enhanced features, including the GPS receiver's impressive battery life, highlights the true application of Bluetooth technology ensuring wireless means wireless.”

Experience 3D map view

The GPS4410's new street level 3D map view makes the A-Z redundant. Drivers can now keep their eyes firmly on the road with turn-by-turn voice instructions, merely glancing at the Pocket PC display which shows the road ahead from the driver's perspective. The user can also choose different viewing perspectives - from the most acute 3D angle complete with approaching towns and cities appearing over the horizon, to zooming out 60 miles to reveal an entire region wide 2D map of the journey. The Navman GPS4410 will always offer the security and added assurance of displaying the vehicle's exact position at all times.

What's your postcode?

Accuracy of performance is also enhanced thanks to its five digit postcode search, calculating the destination's address even quicker than before. For the first time users can integrate their contacts stored in the Pocket PC's Outlook and easily navigate straight to the nominated address. Also the brand new ‘avoid area' option helps to plan a disruption free journey. Should prior news of road works or traffic congestion become known, users can manually select the offending area and the GPS4410 will automatically navigate around it via the quickest route. For complete safety on the road its back-on-track™ technology will instantly re-calculate your route should you hit a diversion or take a wrong turn.

Latest Pan-European maps

Arriving complete with the latest up-to-date street level maps for 16 European countries on CD ROM (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden), users simply connect the Pocket PC to their computer and download the relevant maps for their route across the continent. Also logged into the memory are POIs (points of interest) such as shops, cinemas, petrol stations, caravan sites, hotels, and historical sites, helping users to organise their journey to the last detail.

Also available from Navman-Europe is the GPS receiver, the GPS4100. This hardware only will retail for £199 (€289).

Coming soon: GPS solution for the Palm OS5 handhelds Navman-Europe is also please to announce the imminent arrival of the first Bluetooth™ GPS navigation solution for Palm OS5 PDA handhelds (both the PalmOne Tungsten T2 and T3 and the Sony Clie. Watch this space for more details.

The Navman GPS4410, is priced around £299(€449)