PRESS RELEASE: Driving has just become easier, thanks to Navman's all new in-car satellite navigation system, the iCN630 V2. Loaded with the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) and European mapping technology, including 3D map view and Postcode search, the iCN630 V2 is guaranteed to be the safest, and ultimate way of navigating from A to B.

The beauty of the Navman iCN630 V2 is that the system can be easily transferred from car to car in seconds with no installation cost. Whether running around town in the Fiat Panda or dashing from Glasgow to London or Paris to Frankfurt in the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, users can decide on a whim in which car to install the system. Once mounted on the windscreen or dashboard, sit back and marvel at the iCN630 V2's great new features.

The 3D Experience

Forget about staring endlessly at a hard to read A to Z guide while simultaneously negotiating the road ahead, because the Navman iCN630 V2 delivers an amazingly detailed and clear, colour 3D map view. Displayed on its 3.8-inch TFT LCD screen, the driver can choose any viewing perspective - from the most acute 3D angle complete with approaching towns and cities appearing over the horizon, to zooming out 200 miles to reveal an entire country wide 2D map of the journey. Whichever setting makes the driver feel at ease, the cars exact position will always be displayed on screen for added security.

What's your postcode?

For the first time, the iCN630 V2 offers a five digit postcode search that will calculate the destination's address even quicker, while improving the accuracy of its performance. Other options when planning a route include the ‘avoid area' feature. Should prior news of road works or traffic congestion become known, just select the offending area and the iCN630 V2 will navigate around it via the quickest route. Not only that, should the driver unexpectedly hit a diversion, it will re-calculate your route to get the users back-on-track™ with out any fuss. For added safer guidance, the iCN630 V2 gives turn-by-turn voice direction, giving new meaning to the term ‘back seat driver'!

Set up and go!

Setting up the iCN630 V2 is very simple. With complete street level maps for 15 European countries on CD ROM (including UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Sweden), users simply connect the iCN630 V2 to their PC and download the relevant maps for their holiday or business drive across the continent. Also logged into the memory are POIs (Places of Interest) like, shops, cinemas, petrol stations, caravan sites, hotels, and historical sites, so users can organise their journey to the last detail.

The Navman iCN630 V2, is priced around £999. For further information on Navman-Europe contact on t:01293 780 500 or visit the website at