The Sober Virus attacks any platform and is the newest thread to Windows. This time Windows 95 and 98 users do not escape as they did with the globally famous Blaster worm. All retail virus clients will have updated by now and free clients such as Antivir should include an update in their regular weekly download which usually falls on a Thursday.

This keeps the 2004 Norton packages mid-table at numbers five and six respectively amongst the games.

Meanwhile the PC Budget charts took a winter break- no movers at all from last week as buyers perhaps turn toward wider Xmas shopping as well as the full priced console and PC entries. With half the chart redistributed from Electronic Arts full price titles, EA, Sold Out and other £5 distributors are cleaning up happily from the micropayment rerelease bandwagon.

1. Driving Test Success Theory 2003/2004
2. Sim City 3000
3. Theme Hospital
4. Theme Park World
5. Shogun Total War
6. Driving Test Hazard Perception
7. Lemmings For Windows
8. Age Of Empires Gold
9. Sonic 3D
10. Command And Conquer: Red Alert