Pocket-lint has teamed up with Leyio to bring you the chance of winning a pair of their personal sharing devices or PSDs.

The Leyio storage device is a high speed module that transmits information between units via UWB (Ultra-Wideband) rather than Wi-Fi. With 16GB flash memory, you can send digital content – photos, MP3s, movies, business cards, business files and web links – to another Leyio device with just a flick of the wrist.

This UWB technology compares to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pretty favourably, in that it can transfer information between Leyio devices 4x faster than Wi-Fi and 100x faster Bluetooth, the information passed having a maximum speed of 10MBps and a maximum range of 10 metres. All this info is kept secure by the addition of a fingerprint scanner.

For a chance to win just answer the question below.

If you find yourself having trouble answering the question check out the Leyio UK blog for a helping hand.

This competition has finished.