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(Pocket-lint) - Keeping safe and secure online has never been easier thanks to the help of tools like PureVPN. Made to enhance your digital privacy without getting in the way, PureVPN is a cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to other VPN tools. What's best, though, is that PureVPN is offering incredible savings in its Black Friday promotions this year.

Save up to 89% on your VPN

Cost is often the critical factor that stops people from using a quality VPN service like PureVPN. Thankfully, this service is affordable, and the company's Black Friday deals only make it more enticing.

Using our link, you can receive a whopping 89% off a five-year plan with PureVPN. This will protect you for years to come, all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month ($1.24/month). 


But what does PureVPN have to offer? If you're not already convinced, let's take a look at this tool's main features and what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Why use PureVPN?

A VPN is a tool that protects your online data by masking your IP address. This makes it just about impossible for other people (or companies) to figure out your location or track your data. It also makes it possible to view content that would usually sit behind regional restrictions.

Of course, though, PureVPN is no ordinary VPN. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, PureVPN has been very busy recently. Three new add-ons are being released for the VPN service, and each tool has had its UI/interface revamped to make it as easy as possible to use. Alongside these benefits, PureVPN comes with a range of unique features.

  • Wide Coverage: PureVPN operates on more than 6500 servers in 78+ countries around the globe.
  • Covers All Devices: Cover yourself and all of the family on up to 10 devices with a single PureVPN subscription.
  • Always-On: PureVPN is an always-on VPN service that doesn’t turn itself off in the background so you can trust that you are always protected.
  • Easy to Use: PureVPN works on almost every device on the market and comes with a range of easy-to-use apps to enhance your browsing experience.
  • Content Streaming: PureVPN can mask your location to enable access to region-locked services like iPlayer and Netflix.

Plus, PureVPN offers a range of helpful add-ons to further enhance your privacy:

Protect your passwords with PureKeep: Create hard-to-crack passwords and protect your data from potential scammers. You can store unlimited passwords and confidential information.

Make healthier privacy choices with PurePrivacy: Protect your social media accounts and control your own privacy settings.

Secure your storage with PureEncrypt: Lock your files down in encrypted vaults where you can manage and organize your sensitive data with password protection.

As you can see, PureVPN is a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time online. Each of the tools available from PureVPN is easy to use and incredibly affordable, but you can't beat the Black Friday savings available in this year’s PureVPN promotion.

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