We crafted these weird and wonderful images using OpenAI's Dalle-2

Dalle-2 is now open to the public meaning anyone can use it. So we've been testing out the AI to see what images we could create. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Dalle-2 is interesting because you can not only tell it what to create but also the style of art you're after. In this case a kid's drawing. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
You can also let your imagination run away with you. So if you're hungry then just turn food into objects. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
We thought it might be fun to try to get an idea of future smart devices and what an AI might think they looked like. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
You can make your requests as specific as you like down to the era of something, the style or simply the subject matter. Here we asked for a 90s Batmobile. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
What's one of the least fearsome things you're ever likely to see? A balloon monster? (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Designers and engineers are coming up with all sorts of future designs for cars. But what can the AI think the future looks like? (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
What if we sent monkeys to Mars instead of people? What would that look like? (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
We recently wrote about Nikon's Photomicrography Competition which features awesome photos of the tiniest things in our world. Can Dalle-2 create these too? (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Not one wants to see this happening to their smartphone, yet we've seen enough horror stories over the years.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Sometimes you've got to take time out to smell the roses, even if those roses aren't real and were created by AI.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Dalle-2 seems pretty good at creating cartoon imagery. In this instance an amusing vision of a pair of dogs having a great time under the sea.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Concept cars can often be a bit out there. And that's the fun of them because designers often have a bit more freedom in their creations. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
After seeing what Google Imagen could do we thought it would be interesting to replicate its results by using the same terms. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Another of Google's examples saw some funky robots in a flooded gallery. What would Dalle-2 do with such a request? (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
We love that the AI has chosen to embody that joy of seeing a dog wearing a hat and riding a bike in one image while making the dog super grumpy in the other.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
We were frankly a bit disappointed with this one as we were hoping for something a bit more creative when we asked to see the moon made of cheese. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
With this one, we actually got two quite different results, if slightly subtle ones. One racoon is looking inside from outside and one doing the opposite.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
We're big fans of high-speed photography and slow-mo results. So we wondered what Dalle-2 would come up with if we asked it to create something similar.   (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
For some reason when we asked for this scene Dalle-2 gave the police officers space helmets. Make of that what you will.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
One of the highlights of this AI technology is the way it can create new artwork based on the style of a human artist. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Admittedly Darth Vader looks a bit strange in a couple of these images, but the overall theme is still sort of what we were hoping for.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
There's something amusing about Teddy Bears going on adventures.  These two furry creatures are having a great time on skate boards in public spaces.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
We've had fun experimenting with what Dalle-2 can create when it comes to cartoon artwork. Here cats become sea monsters and frankly it's quite unnerving.  (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
Even if the end results can be a touch hit and miss at times, you've got to admire how versatile the AI can be. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)
It seems that artificial intelligence doesn't have any idea what aliens might look like. (image credit: OpenAI/Pocket-lint)