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(Pocket-lint) - Many businesses have migrated online, especially over the past several years. And with so many companies going digital, it’s no wonder that electronic signatures have become more important than ever. 

If your organization is largely digital, you’re probably looking for quality solutions to receive and send electronic signatures. These solutions need to provide an easy way to send legally binding signatures as well as fill PDFs. Furthermore, an ideal electronic signature solution will need to be compatible with different platforms.

This article will explain why electronic signatures are important and recommend some of the currently leading services.


Why electronic signatures matter

Electronic signatures significantly reduce the amount of time and money a business spends. Although many modern organizations take electronic signatures for granted, using these business tools can bring plenty of benefits.

With the right electronic signature solutions, a business may reduce its costs of operations, boost productivity, and counteract any risks. Furthermore, accepting electronic signatures can scale back the sales cycle from days to hours.

The cost reduction and potential revenue increase can be quite massive. A company that employs electronic signatures effectively may cut down costs by a third and boost revenue by even more. When it comes to time-saving, it’s important to mention that electronic signatures allow companies to speed up their onboarding process by up to 80%.

Speed is, of course, one of the key factors to consider. Electronic signatures allow companies to sign agreements more than 20 times faster. Besides speeding up that process, a more straightforward e-signature procedure also boosts productivity because it reduces paperwork and leaves more time for employees to work on crucial company tasks.

Electronic signatures are also an excellent step towards becoming paper-free. This not only means the organization is becoming more ecologically aware, but it’s also the road toward automation and digitization.

Every aspect of the workflow can be improved, digitized, and, to an extent, made more efficient. This includes sales, supply chain management, employee onboarding, and customer experience. With electronic signatures, collaboration with business partners becomes much smoother as well.

In addition to all these benefits, introducing electronic signatures can have a transformative impact on your business. Firstly, there’s the additional protection that comes with advanced security options such as digital certification and state-of-the-art decryption.

The workflow also becomes more modern, taking the entire organization into the future of business. Plus, the hassle-free digital environment helps companies establish a different culture suited for digital natives and a younger workforce.

With all the advantages of electronic signatures, it’s clear that finding the right service for this crucial aspect of modern business is vital for every organization. That’s precisely where Fill comes in as a modern, complete solution for electronic signatures.

What does Fill do?

Fill is a universal, straightforward tool that makes electronic signing effortless. Using this service, companies can fill all their PDFs almost instantly. Also, Fill allows for sending electronic signatures that are genuine, valid, and legally binding. 

Best of all, Fill is designed for cross-platform functionality. In line with this, the service is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It can be used on those platforms simultaneously, ensuring flawless accessibility.

Fill is already providing services for businesses across various industries. These include:

  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Sales
  • Financial services
  • Marketing
  • Agencies

To accommodate different industries and ensure the service is on par with best practices, Fill hosts a platform for electronic signatures that’s up to the highest privacy and security standards.

Advantages of Fill

Fill utilizes different techniques to provide users with a fast, easy, and, most importantly, secure service. Document optimization and signing take place via a document-sharing platform. From there, signatures can be sent and collected in real-time and in both directions – from business to customer and vice versa. 

The service utilizes text messages and emails to make electronic signing available to every user. Once exchanged, sensitive documents are stored and encrypted with military-grade techniques. All this allows Fill to provide massive benefits to its customers:

1. Convenience and ease of use

Fill provides a worldwide service, allowing users to receive, sign, and send documents from different countries and across continents. Entire contracts can be finalized without printing out a single page. Furthermore, Fill uses intuitive, widely used means like PDFs, email, text messages, and the internet. This makes the service extremely user-friendly.

2. Secure storage

Since Fill is aware of the importance of the documents shared through the service, numerous security measures are put in place to provide unparalleled document protection. Some of the security methods that Fill uses include HIPAA-compliant safety protocols and high-grade encryption (256-bit TLS). Additionally, Fill has premium customer support, available to clients around the clock.

Documents are stored in the cloud and accessible to customers via computer or mobile app.

3. Progressive, easy to set up, and eco-friendly

With electronic signatures provided by Fill, businesses can stay on top of the latest technologies and develop a mindset that looks into the future. In line with modern philosophy, Fill is very straightforward to set up. The service doesn’t require dedicated hardware or any software installation. The only installer package clients might need to use is for the mobile app, which is entirely optional.

Another way that Fill turns businesses towards the future is through environmental awareness. With electronic signatures, there’s no need to print and store piles of paperwork. Instead, all important documents can be shared in the digital environment, reducing paper expenditure and overall waste.

Other electronic signature services worth looking at

Of course, Fill isn’t the only service that deals in electronic signatures. Other interesting options include:

1. SignWell

SignWell is an intuitive and easy service that makes electronic signatures available for everyone. All documents that pass through this service are protected from unauthorized changes and archived. SignWell allows multiple users to complete documents simultaneously or in a predetermined order. In the latter case, each user receives a notification when it’s their time to sign.

2. PandaDoc

One of the greatest advantages of PandaDoc is the variety of templates this service uses. With PandaDoc, users can not only sign and share virtual papers but also design their own documents. There are more than 750 templates. Plus, if users still need to put a personal touch on their docs, it’s possible to create your own version from scratch. PandaDoc features real-time options for document approval, version tracking, and user comments.

3. DocuSign

DocuSign has a customer base that counts over a million clients. This service makes contract collaboration seamless by keeping the crucial documents in one place. That way, users can follow every contract throughout its lifecycle. In addition, DocuSign has over 400 integrations with some of the leading platforms, including Google, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft, and much more.

4. HelloSign

HelloSign provides all the basics of an electronic signature service. It’s much faster than using traditional methods (i.e., paper), easy to use, reliable, and secure. HelloSign produces legally binding documents with detailed document access proof. Besides this functionality, the service allows brands to take their experience to another level through a convenient and scalable eSignature API.

5. Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign is probably the most famous option on this list by name recognition alone. This service comes as a package with Adobe Acrobat, providing an all-in-one PDF solution. Using the Adobe suite, users can scan PDFs via the freeware scanning app, upload the documents, and send them out for signing. On the other end, recipients can access the documents without signing up or downloading anything, which streamlines the process quite a bit.

6. SignRequest

SignRequest prides itself on being an affordable, secure, complete, and easy-to-use solution for electronic signatures. The service is certified for ISO 27001, which serves as a testimony for its security. In addition, all documents passing through SignRequest are encrypted with 256-bit AES method. All document handling and storage is automated, making the service very straightforward to use.

Adopt electronic signatures to enter the next age of business

With electronic signatures, your business can evolve and get ready to enter the future. That’s why getting started with such technologies is best done sooner than later. 

Luckily, there are many services that can help you get up to speed with electronic signature best practices. Fill is precisely that kind of service that provides reliable and safe document sharing and signing worldwide. If you want to learn more about Fill, don’t hesitate to get in touch and check out some of the best e-signature offers currently available.

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