DALL-E is now being used to show more of famous paintings

This new feature of DALLE-E allows users to take an original image and then get the artificial intelligence to expand the borders of the work. (image credit: mgsiegler/OpenAI)
Here the outpainting feature has been used to transform Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring into an image with a much wider canvas. (image credit: Johannes Vermeer/August Kamp)
Here M.G. Siegler, General Partner of Google Ventures has used DALL-E to outpaint the classic 1903 painting "A Friend in Need" by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. (image credit: mgsiegler/Cassius Marcellus Coolidge)
The outpainting feature can be used on all sorts of things it seems and isn't just for expanding the sides of a landscape painting. (image credit: lu9_st/OpenAI)
Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night takes on a whole new aesthetic when run through DALL-E. (image credit: Zanga67777/OpenAI)
As well as expanding the borders of paintings, this feature of DALL-E can also be used to combine images too. (image credit: kris008/OpenAI)
This time it looks like Quaker Oats has had a rebranding and an eye-opening one at that.  (image credit: dardan_aeneas/OpenAI)
Ever have one of these as a kid and wonder what it would be like if it was even bigger? (image credit: WelchRedneck/OpenAI)
If the focus of the original image hadn't been so tight on the band members what would we have seen? (image credit: spetznatz/OpenAI)
This portrait of Napolean has been expanded to show more of what's going on. You'd be perfectly forgiven for assuming this was the original artwork too.  (image credit: AIdenNFTSx/OpenAI)
We've never really thought about what Leonardo da Vinci might have painted beyond the confines of the portrait panel. Could it be this? (image credit: tonidl1989/OpenAI)
Here's one of the most iconic images of all time given the outpainting treatment. The tanks in the background are a little off, but it's still believable. (image credit: ximeleta/OpenAI)
Michelangelo's original painting that famously adorns the Sistine Chapel's ceiling now shows quite a different view. (image credit: ye-ren/OpenAI)
Here one of the most famous memes of current times has been expanded to show a chaotic street surrounding the distracted boyfriend and the others.  (image credit: Swigor/OpenAI)
One of the most recognisable of Salvador Dalí's works is now even more intrigue with mysterious women and even more clocks.  (image credit: Chua Chin Hon/OpenAI)
We've seen some interesting edits and reimaginings of American Gothic over the years, but this one is certainly a surreal vision of the classic painting.  (image credit: Bogdan/OpenAI)
Now we can see more of what's happened in the surroundings as "Disaster Girl" is pictured smirking at the burning house.  (image credit: Ramsri Goutham Golla/OpenAI)